Children’s Ministries

Children’s ministries develops the faith of children from birth through age 14, leading them into union with the Church. It seeks to provide multiple ministries that will lead children to Jesus and disciple them in their daily walk with Him. 

Seventh-day Adventist® Church Manual, p87

Children’s Committee

Director: Nelly Mazariegos
Secretary: Yenny Delkersonn

  • Crib Cradle
    • Director: Yenny Delkersonn
    • Assistants: Beatriz Tadeo, Evelyn Freire
  • Infants
    • Director: Yahima Ortega
    • Assistants: Johanna Alfaro, Armida Nuñez
  • Primary
    • Director: Luzmilla Ortiz
    • Assistants: Samanta Nuñez, Alicia Sanchez
  • Minors
    • Director: Oralia Loyo
    • Assistant: Estela Cruz
  • Youth
    • Director: John Schallert
    • Assistants: Gaby Suazo, Edwin Galan