Pastor Moral's Final Message

A final message from Pr. Manuel Moral, SDAMCC pastor for over 16 years.

Manuel Moral August 15, 2018


Dear brothers and sisters, and also ladies and gentlemen: I want to personally thank the Multicultural Church [for the Community] that allowed me to be their pastor for 16 years and together we have lived as a family. We have also had times where we have had to manage sometimes difficult things but we always stayed and God blessed us greatly. And all that was achieved was for two reasons: one because God did it and the other because there was human collaboration and I feel that without the church team, I could never have accomplished anything. So I want to thank you that we were only instruments in the hands of God. But now I want to encourage you because the work has only just begun. I want to encourage you to keep going. There are many more goals to reach and I believe that when Jesus said to Peter “mouth offshore” I see in it a great encouragement to seek new horizons, to seek new heights to reach. I would like the church to stay together. Let them remember that multicultural means diversity, and that diversity if not integrated creates disunity. It is necessary to integrate and united in Christ, not united to my own ideas, not united to my own small group, but united in Christ accepting each other. I see great potential in this church, but at the same time I always ask, “Are we really willing to be humble and work together and still remain in the midst of differences?” That I believe is the greatest need of the church and I challenge you to cling to Christ and let the Lord guide you and to work in a “network,” in a team. That we let ourselves be relieved and that others can also contribute but that we never stop being who we are, that we never stop giving our talents to God and remember that I will be praying for you. But if we set our sights on Christ, the church will move on in more difficult times. When we had nothing, God gave us what we have. Today the church already has more resources, the church has more people today, but the people (of) Israel the more they multiplied the more they put confidence in themselves and if we put confidence in ourselves evidently the things of God like that they do not work. So I encourage the Multicultural Church (for the Community) at this moment when I am saying goodbye, so that they can set their sights on Christ. They can be a spiritual church, a church oriented to the bible, oriented towards others and that we can negotiate things. That we are not afraid to make changes. There is nothing that cannot be changed, only the principles. But in terms of methods and forms, things can be done in different ways and that we look for a way to solve things, to be part of a solution. Today everything is renewed. The technology is all renewed today. People are valued when they work as a team and remember that it is the greatest need that we have. A united church, a church that is not afraid (to) communicate, work together. A church where each one sees her brother as necessary, where each one sees in her brother a potential for the work of God. Where we all find a place that is the work that will be most successful in this 21st century. So I encourage you so that the path that I am marking you, not as an imposition, but as a reflection based on experience can do what I inspired their lives. So again, thank you very much and we are moving forward as Francisco Estrello said, “open new furrows and make them bloom and put the landscape the smiling hues that the charm of dawn has to be positive.” Be innovative, be creative. Integrate and remember: put God first. That is the secret of success. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Amen.